General Horsemanship, Western Pleasure
& Equitation, Reining, Trail and 4H
July 13 Sunwest NCC Show
September 14 Sunwest Fun Show


July 14 Competitive Trail Ride
August 10 Competitive Trail Ride
September 15 Arena Obstacle Course
September 15 Timed Obstacle Course
Contact Carolyn to book a clinic at your facility or ours.  Phone: 780-967-5555
The clinics listed will focus on Horsemanship and Trail Obstacles and will include some time out on the trail, weather permitting.
Our students range from ages

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BOARD - We provide pasture, single pens and group pens for both short and long term. Cost is $250.00+gst per month. Board and training $150.00+gst per week  Contact us for details.

HAULING - We can pick up and deliver your horse.  We will provide transportation to shows and events.  We can also provide some custom hauling.

APPRAISALS - We will appraise horses for purchase or sale.  Let us help you find a horse that is right for you. 

MENTORSHIP - Lavern Schmidt is a Certified Western Mentor for the Equine Canada Coaching Program.
Phone: 780-967-5555   Fax: 780-967-0055
Sunwest Equine Services
Lavern & Carolyn Schmidt
Box 1202,
Onoway, Alberta T0E1V0 
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SPECIAL NEEDS  - To promote self confidence, sound mental health and good choices through equine activities.  Horses are not only fun to ride, but can help teach relationship skills as well as aiding people with physical or mental disabilities. The Plains People say that the horse is one of only two fetishes that have innate healing powers. Other Native American cultures say that horses symbolize coping under difficult circumstances, love, devotion and loyalty. We cater to many types of special needs. If you have fear issues, lack of confidence and self esteem or focus challenges, whether it is in regards to horses or life in general, our program can help you.
CHA and Equestrian Canada Coach, Evaluator and Mentor
LEARN TO TRAIN AND COACH - We accept a limited number of students who want to learn to train horses and earn their coaching certification.  The program is about 85% hands on working with horses and coaching under the supervision of senior certified coaches.    The remaining 15% consists of reading, lectures, and videos.  You also get an opportunity to participate in local and training shows on experienced show horses and/or your project horse.  There is no stall cleaning involved.  Meals and accommodation are included in your tuition and you may bring a horse of your own.  Contact us for details of the program.
We have also worked with people with Cerebral Palsy,Visual and Hearing Impairment, Down Syndrome, Autism and Aspergers, Multiple Sclerosis, Emotional Disabilities, Amputations, Learning Disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorder and Brain Damage.  Contact us to discuss your special needs.
LESSONS All Ages and All Levels - We offer private and group riding lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced students on our horses or yours.  We provide preparation and testing for the Equine Canada rider levels as well as mentoring for instructors and coaches.  We have several horses that are particularly well suited for young children and beginner riders as well as horses suitable for the advanced riders.  Contact Us to discuss your requirements and to book your lessons.

Lessons gst included
$35.00 each. 
Package of 8 lessons for $240.00. 

These lessons can be taken any time and shared with other people.
Read  What to Expect from Riding Lessons by Muffy Knox, an Equine Canada Level 2 Coach and former instructor
at Olds College who was involved in developing the Equine Canada Western Coaching System.

Equestrian Canada Rider Level Program  |  Equestrian Canada Coaching & Mentoring Programs  |  Special Needs
TRAINING - We train all breeds from start to competition ready.  "As gentle as possible and as firm as necessary". $150.00 +gst per week
They are willing to learn from us provided they are not in fear for their well being. Horses can be trained to do almost anything if they are taught in a relaxed, quiet manner. If they become tense or are fearful, all learning stops.

Sunwest Equine good manners are a priority. We are consistent and show them their limits, make them responsible for things they can do and confident in doing them.  Our lessons and clinics are taught in an open atmosphere. We believe in teaching with positive reinforcement. Each student is taught at their level and then given help on how to achieve a better relationship with their horse.

Sunwest Equine is in the service industry. Our goal is to be user friendly in our relationships with our clients and their horses. We offer a variety of services.  Contact us or drop by for a visit to discuss your needs.
Our equine friend is an amazing animal. At first glance they appear to be slow moving and uninterested in what is going on around them.  They don't appear to have much intelligence.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Even though they have been domesticated for thousands of years their instincts are very close to the surface.

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